September brings changes: Open calls for specialist doctors in Scandinavia

18. September 2023.

Scandinavia, a region that captivates with its natural beauty, high standard of living, and healthcare innovations, is once again opening its doors to specialist doctors in various medical disciplines!

Lofoten, Norveška

Denmark, Sweden, and Norway boast some of the world’s most advanced healthcare systems, founded on the principle of solidarity and commitment to equal access to healthcare. In all three countries, the healthcare system is primarily funded through taxes.

The hospitals in these countries set an example of modern medical science and clinical practice. Highly educated professionals work in a stimulating environment where high-quality patient care is prioritized, and innovation and research are considered fundamental pillars of progress.

Liječnik pokazuje palac
Scandinavia – a contemporary healthcare utopia?

In Scandinavia, you can find opportunities for continuous advancement, working in an environment that values expertise, and supports you in realizing your full potential. All that’s left to do is check if you fit any of the below roles — Incor is here to help you with every other step!

Open Calls: Denmark

In September, Denmark is seeking a significant number of specialists in various disciplines, including:

  • Radiology specialists – five open positions
  • Psychiatry specialists – two open positions
  • Forensic psychiatry specialists – two open positions
  • Urogynecology specialists – one open position
  • Dentists with over 3 years of experience – open positions for taking over existing practices with patients + private patients
  • Emergency medicine specialists – three open positions
  • Internal medicine specialists who are also cardiologists, gastroenterologists, pulmonologists, or geriatricians – four open positions
  • Pathology specialists – two open positions
  • Urology specialists – one open position
  • Clinical biochemistry specialists (medical doctors, clinical biochemistry/laboratory medicine specialists) – two open positions

Open Calls: Sweden

Sweden is also widely opening its doors in September. A total of 19 positions are available:

  • Endocrinology specialists – two open positions
  • Neurology specialists – two open positions
  • Nephrology specialists – two open positions
  • Emergency medicine specialists – two open positions
  • Gynecology specialists – one open position
  • Radiology specialists – three open positions
  • Psychiatry specialists – two open positions
  • Family medicine specialists – five open positions

Denmark, Sweden, Norway: Bemanning (extra jobb)

For all existing specialists already working in the Scandinavian system, we have options for bemanning (extra jobb) with a higher hourly rate and telemedicine job opportunities for autumn/winter 2023 and spring 2024.

If you’re unsure whether living in Scandinavia is the right choice for you, check the reviews from specialist doctors who already live in Norway and Sweden.

The easiest way to apply

If you are interested in working in some of the most desirable destinations for living, you can contact us via email at for more details. We also assist you in preparing your CV and portfolio, obtaining a work license, and finding the right offers for you.

When applying, you will need to provide the following documentation:

  • CV in English following the template requested by Scandinavian hospitals (we will provide you with the template via email)
  • Motivational letter in English (we will also provide you with a template via email)
  • Scanned diploma and certificate of passing the specialist exam translated into English
  • Two recommendations from colleagues you work or have worked with
  • A hypothetical plan for learning Swedish/Norwegian/Danish – which we will create together.

Let Incor support you every step of the way!