Family medicine specialists and psychiatry specialists positions in the south of Sweden

01. July 2020.

The south of Sweden, specifically the Jönköping region, brings an interesting opportunity for 4 family medicine specialists who are allowed to choose between 33 health centres and find the one they like best. Individually, health centres have up to 19,000 registered patients, with family medicine specialists being their first level of patient care.

In addition to working 40 hours per week, specialists also have on-calls on average once a month and they regularly cooperate with colleagues and local bodies dealing with social services, unemployment, home care and comparable social needs.

Practitioners are required to have at least one year of experience in primary care in a county which is a part of EU/EEA, a desire to educate students and younger colleagues, and a generally friendly, professional and empathetic approach to patients and day-to-day operations.

Information on access to work and salary you can expect:

  1. The first 4 months after arriving in Sweden, the specialist undergoes training at the Nässjö Education Center (NUC), which is known for its quality approach to education and is one of the 3 best centres of its kind in Sweden. During this period, the specialist does not work in a health centre and receives a monthly salary of 51,500 SEK in gross amount.
  2. After this period, the specialist starts working in the health centre with the support and instructions of the district doctor and receives a basic salary of 56,500 SEK in gross amount, which also adds additional bonuses that depend on your experience and the chosen health centre.
  3. After approximately 12 to 18 months from the start of work, specialists are expected to be able to work independently without the additional assistance of a supervisor. The basic monthly salary rises to 67,500 SEK in gross amount, with experience and zoning bonuses also being paid additionally. The range of 500 SEK to 3,000 SEK per month is gained for years of work experience, together with an additional bonus of up to 6,000 SEK per month for selecting specific health centres.

In addition to the competition for family medicine specialists, a job competition for a psychiatry specialist has been opened at a hospital in Värnamo, also a city in the Jönköping region, which requires previous experience in the EU and a flexible approach to daily work responsibilities. The hospital also offers a full-time contract, while the salary depends on experience and agreement with a specialist.

You can get additional information and instructions on how to apply through the contact form or via our e-mails. During the process, you can expect maximum support from the future employer, paid language course and travel costs, while we are here to help you on every level of the organization starting with the first step of your application to your relocation to Sweden and the first day in the new environment.

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