Open positions for psychiatrists

03. June 2020.

The soothing of the situation in the world has indicated numerous changes throughout the health care systems, both in Croatia and in the world, and as well in Scandinavia. But judging by the first job openings we received from the Swedes, one thing you don’t have to be afraid of – there won’t be a shortage of new job competitions for psychiatrists in Sweden 🙂

The positions in the topic refer to one psychiatry specialist in an outpatient and one in an inpatient setting. In addition to the health and well-being of patients, the environment in these wards is also organized towards the quality approach to their medical staff. In addition to the minimum working experience of 2 years in the EU which they require, hospitals also expect the specialist to have the skills necessary for independent work in a psychiatric ward. The experience in mentoring younger colleagues and trainees is welcomed as the specialist will need to mentor others after settling. Participating in the development of the department, both technically and humanly is a part of everyone’s role in the clinic.

The emphasis in employment is placed on the character of the candidate as the clinic is looking for those specialists who will fit not only with professional knowledge and experience but also on a personal level and will add to the advancement of a healthy work environment.

In addition to the full-time contract, the candidate can expect a salary of 68000 SEK after the initial adjustment period, on which you will also get additional allowances that depend on the number of hours the specialist spends on duty. The hospital also pays for the language course for the specialist and its family, all the costs of coming to Sweden and relocating private things, while with us they will help you to find an apartment, a job for a spouse, educational institutions for children and everything else needed in the process.

The two outpatient clinics, located in the heart of Norrköping, provide the opportunity to assess, research and treat even more severe psychotic conditions such as bipolar disorder, personality disorder, anxiety and depression. They also provide the ability to investigate, assist with, and treat the spectrum of autistic disorders, as well as ADHD and ADD disorders. The city has a 24-hour emergency psychiatric unit, and the clinic itself consists of a total of 27 care centres with 6 being intensive psychiatric units.

For all inquiries and applications contact Ivan at and find out what is going to be the next step that leads to your future relocation to Sweden.

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