Job competitions in Scandinavia during April 2022.

10. April 2022.

Competitions in Sweden, Denmark and Norway are open to all doctors with previous work experience in the EU. As is expected for positions in Scandinavia, these offer top conditions in developed hospitals that provide quality conditions for all doctors desiring professional development. As applications are open during the month of April, make sure to request all necessary information on time.

The most sought-after specializations in Sweden, Denmark and Norway during April 2022 are:

In Sweden:

  • radiology
  • family medicine
  • pathology
  • psychiatry
  • anesthesiology
  • laboratory technicians
  • nurse positions

In Denmark:

  • ​radiology
  • pathology
  • psychiatry
  • emergency medicine
  • anesthesiology
  • breast surgery
  • dentistry
  • gynecology
  • neurology
  • pediatrics (endocrinology and diabetology)
  • pulmonology

In Norway:

  • the new language course for nurses starts on 25.05.2022.

If you are a specialist doctor in one of these specializations, or you are nearing the end of your specialization, please reach us via the contact form and we will discuss the available opportunities. In case you have not found your own specialization among the new competitions, reach us via the contact form or by e-mail to get up-to-date information about the competitions in your specialization.

Read the experiences of our candidates who moved to Sweden and Denmark here and here.

What does the application process for Sweden, Denmark, and Norway look like?

During the process, candidates have the opportunity to contact the hospital via Skype and have a paid visit to the city and the hospital for 2-4 days to get to know potential colleagues in person, and of course the place itself. If you decide to accept the offer after the visit, of course, provided that you fit their profile and the employer prepared an offer for you, you will start with a paid online language course lasting 5 months. During the language studying period, you also receive a monthly allowance in the range of 900€ to 1300€ per month. We use this same period to find the apartment of your choice, a job for your spouse, educational institutions for the youngest and organize everything you need in the process of moving to make you feel like you have been living in Scandinavia for several months.

For additional information on finding opportunities in Sweden, Denmark, and the rest of Europe, please contact us using the following contact form or info email.

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