Sprechen Sie Deutsch? New tenders for specialist doctors are open

10. February 2023.

swissAre you striving for stability, good income and standard? Then keep reading because new February vacancies for healthcare workers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland have just opened.

German-speaking countries are known for their well-organized society, clear rules and disciplined inhabitants, which make them considered prosperous. The salary of a doctor in Germany, Austria or Switzerland enables you to live a comfortable life, numerous educations are available to improve your knowledge and skills, and you can spend your free time enjoying the variety of offers in city centers, enjoying nature or exploring the layers of culture and history that all three countries are rich in. .

Doctors spend an average of 50 hours a week at work, have 6 weeks of paid annual leave, and an effective healthcare system in which methods and instruments are used make it possible to provide a high level of care. The development of digitization reveals numerous possibilities every day, so with the help of digital patient records, it is easier to ensure remote examinations or arrange tests for patients in a few clicks. There are numerous opportunities for career development, so you can work in a hospital, clinic, health center, open a private practice or find yourself in research and science, teaching or pharmacy.

The most sought-after specialists in Germany, Switzerland and Austria in February 2023 are:
anesthesiologists, gynecologists, specialists in internal medicine, psychiatrists, radiologists, pediatricians, emergency medicine specialists and traumatologists, but jobs are also open for doctors of other specializations.

Language knowledge to work in Germany and Switzerland must be at the B2 level, while in Austria it is necessary to speak at the C1 level. If you have already passed the B2 level of the German language and have a certificate for the same, you can choose a job according to your own preferences. In addition, it is necessary to obtain a work license for which healthcare workers must pass the Fachsprachprüfung. This medical German exam tests knowledge of key terms and expressions for successful work with patients and colleagues, and passing it is mandatory in Germany and Austria. It is important to note that Switzerland introduced quotas for Croatian citizens starting in 2023, so you should start preparing your application now if that country is your desired work destination.


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