Spring job vacancies in Sweden, Denmark and Norway

10. March 2023.

Spring brings changes, so it has started a new search for health professionals in Scandinavia. Vacancies are published in March for medical specialists who would like to be employed permanently in Sweden, Denmark or Norway. Sign up by the end of March and don’t worry about the language, because our new groups of Danish, Swedish and Norwegian courses start already this summer.

New tenders for healthcare professionals

Denmark is looking for doctors of various specializations, of which the most open positions are for doctors of dental medicine who can take over pratices with patients all over the country. A minimum of 5 years of work experience is required for this position. More jobs have been opened for specialists in radiology and internal medicine with subspecializations in gastroenterology, pulmonology, cardiology or geriatrics.

Specialists in psychiatry, gynecology, emergency medicine, pathology, urology and breast surgery are also wanted.

Sweden, on the other hand, is in great need of specialists in family medicine. Along with them, radiology engineers and nurses with experience in anesthesia and intensive care and those interested in specializing in anesthesia and intensive care are wanted.

There is also a shortage of specialists in gastroenterology, pathology, emergency medicine, child and adolescent psychiatry, anesthesiology, pulmonology, endocrinology and geriatrics.

Swedish hospitals have also announced new vacancies for neurology specialists, nurses from various branches of medicine and medical laboratory technicians so that they can prepare their CV and portfolio in time.

Norway has a shortage of specialists in psychiatry, child and adolescent psychiatry, radiology and pathology, and Norwegian hospitals are currently focused on doctors of the aforementioned specializations.

Why Scandinavia?

When we think of Scandinavian countries, we focus on key benefits for all who contribute to the betterment of the individual and society as a whole. The often presented balance of life and work is confirmed by our former candidates in the reviews they send us regularly. In them, they describe to us the feeling of respect that their colleagues have for them, the autonomy of decisions at work and the importance of the individual in the collective. With a better sense of self-worth at work and among colleagues, our candidates are once again focused on what they have found as their calling in life – patient care. With a technologically developed healthcare system, timely information about patients is no longer a problem. Consultations are often done over the phone, and working hours are carefully planned so that there are no unnecessary on-call calls and pressure on doctors.

In addition to the business balance that leaves time for other activities in life, Scandinavia also offers balance in the private sphere. In addition to a good health system, education is free, numerous educations and seminars are available, and there is no shortage of entertainment. The Scandinavian people respect the privacy of others, but they are not as cold as they are often presented. Respecting other people’s opinions is the basis of the Scandinavian nature, so it is actually an excellent indicator of tolerance. Denmark, Norway and Sweden have rich nature that Scandinavians love to explore. Walking along the forest roads or kayaking on one of the many lakes will ensure impeccable scenes before your eyes and connect you to a new dimension of life.

How to get permanent employment in Scandinavia?

It’s simple, send your application! Prepare your CV and portfolio with as many details as possible about your specializations and education. Let us know where you want to work and we will help you prepare the necessary application documentation. Your interview will be held via video call during April and May, after which you will be able to visit the hospital you agree on. This visit usually lasts a couple of days so that you have time to ask questions to future colleagues and learn more about the working process of the hospital and the department.

After accepting the offer, you enroll in the language course of the selected country, during which you receive a scholarship provided by the hospital. You can learn to speak the language through Zrinka’s Swedish school, which uses a hybrid learning model. After ten years of working in the staffing sector, we are proud to announce that our new groups of language courses start in May (Swedish), June (Danish) and August (Norwegian) this year, so follow our website for more information.

The expected start of work at the selected destination is during November and December 2023. Before the move, there is the collection and translation of documentation, finding accommodation and a school for the children. Searching for potential business opportunities for a partner and ensuring the transportation of things. But don’t worry, we assist and support you in everything. It’s up to you to take the first step and send your resume by March 31.

Contact us via e-mail info@incor.hr or the contact form below and find out all the answers to your questions.