Offers for Internists and Anesthesiologists in central Sweden

26. October 2021.

Sweden’s central region bordering Norway is looking for Internal Medicine specialists, as well as Anesthesiology specialists who have gained education and experience within the EU. Since the competition is open in the same hospital, this is a fantastic opportunity for doctors interested in going to Scandinavia together.

With 3 hospitals and more health centres, the region cares for 290,000 residents. Working with patients is based on an individual, but also equal approach and candidates are expected to have all the necessary skills to provide quality medical care. Therefore, all physicians interested in professional development options are welcome in this region.

For specialists in Internal medicine, as well as specialists of Anesthesiology, the region has prepared new offers which, in addition to the standardly attractive approach in Sweden also provide additional holidays, the specialist insurance and the already mentioned opportunities for additional learning and skills development.

The starting salary in both offerings is calculated on the principle of 64,000 SEK + years of experience (in other words, 64,000 SEK is the amount for specialists who just finished with their residency). On-calls and overtime hours are paid additionally on the basic salary.

Internal medicine (3 positions):

The largest group of patients is represented by cardiac patients (including patients with Pacemaker), patients with stroke, diabetes, gastroenterological problems, and patients in haematology and radiology. The workplace itself includes both ward work and admission, as well as additional hours in the event of a large influx of patients. The emergency service is available 24/7 while thrombectomies are sent to Örebro.

Anesthesiology (1 position):

The emergency hospital takes care of patients 24/7. About 2,500 operations are performed annually with electrical, emergency and surgical procedures which are performed daily.


This county hospital conducts operations 24 hours a day, and in addition to surgical and postoperative care, it also provides care in the fields of orthopaedics, urology, gynaecology, anesthesiology, intensive care and radiology, but also in related branches of medicine. The hospital also nurtures an open and friendly environment in which all new doctors are cherished.

Sweden ŠvedskaWhat does applying for competition in Sweden look like?

We provide support to all our candidates who decide to apply for a competition, starting with our first contact and until your final settlement in Sweden. One part of our assistance includes helping to compile a competitive CV and application documentation, preparation for a Skype interview and answering all your potential questions. We also help find a job for a spouse, educational institutions for the youngest members of the family, apartments and everything you need when relocating to a new environment. Candidates who accept the employer’s offer and sign a contract have a paid language course for the whole family up to B2 level and the employer pays them all fees in the process of departure (costs of relocation of private belongings, plane tickets, obtaining a license). The candidates themselves go through an organized program of further language training and introduction to the Swedish health care system, which occurs once your move to Sweden.

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