How ”expensive” is life in Sweden?

08. September 2022.

A very common question that crosses the mind of everyone who is thinking about moving to another country is the ratio of income and expenses, that is, “what do I get for what I earn”. Before leaving for a new country, it is everyone’s goal to familiarize themselves with the culture, environment and novelties of the new environment. Of course, people change their place of residence mainly because of work, hence the financial aspect, and considering that one-way tickets are increasingly bought for the north of Europe, that is, Sweden and the rest of Scandinavia, today we will talk about the value obtained for working in Sweden.

It is common knowledge that Sweden is highly positioned on the scale of economic development, and Swedes are among the wealthiest people in the world. Although you can often hear statements like “taxes in Sweden are huge”, you should still inform yourself about the facts.

The next question must be going through your head, why are Swedes so diligent about paying taxes and showing so much trust in their government and country? High taxes provide them with the same standard of living – high, and paying taxes is always returned to them in the best possible way. The residents of Sweden, by paying taxes, get a dignified, carefree and developmentally and health-safe life. Accordingly, the state provides each individual with:

free healthcare and education,
free kindergartens and preschool education,
free homes for the elderly and disabled,
free books and activities,
the possibility of a 3-year break from work with 85% paid a salary,
great salaries,
36 working hours per week,
“hour bank”
and much more

So that there are no doubts and so that the picture of life in Sweden is clearer to all potential, future citizens of Sweden, in 2022 the Swedish bank “Swedbank” has combined the costs of living in the following table for adults living alone or with a partner in a couple, so and for families with children of different ages.

For example, the monthly cost of living for a family consisting of two spouses and two children aged 7 and 13 would be, according to the table above, 17,780 SEK (1,657.13 euros) for spouses + 3,890 SEK (362.56 euros) for a 7-year-old child + 4,200 SEK (391.45 euros) for a 13-year-old child, which amounts to a total of 25,870 SEK (2,411.14 euros) per month for the total expenses of that family during one month. When creating this table, the Bank of Sweden used amounts based on the Swedish premise that every person living in Sweden should have the opportunity to live a comfortable life, therefore you can view these figures from the perspective of the maximum amounts for certain categories.

In addition, it is shown simply on one example how to calculate the ratio of salary and taxes, so that everyone could get an impression and at the same time learn how to calculate them.

*For example, 65,000 SEK (€6,057.94) gross salary was entered, salary before tax.

With the final overview of the costs and the realization of everything you get by living in Sweden, it is now clear to everyone why no one complains, because there is absolutely no need for it. If you also want to change your future and discover the beauty of Sweden, along with your ambitions in the business field, as well as in life, feel free to contact us by email, so that we can realize your wishes together.

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