Nermina (Jönköping, Sweden)

13. March 2019.

Nermina has a master’s degree in pharmacy and she used to work in Slavonski Brod, and now she lives and works in Sweden.

“In Sweden, a pharmacist does exactly what their job is. For those of us coming from Croatia, it is no easy task to get used to calling the doctor for every detail that is noted as irregular. You control the doses and you consult doctors in this regard. The doctors are grateful when you notice a mistake. Regarding the system of work – it was perfected! Everything is subordinated to good work and wellbeing of the patient. You have all possible information at your disposal, and the process of issuance of medicines also includes a review of potential interactions. The possibility of mistake when issuing a drug has been brought down to minimum due to a great number of points at which the correctness of the medicine is checked. Issuance of generic medicines is self-explanatory, but it is regulated at the state level, i.e. every month the cheapest generic medicine, i.e. producer is chosen, who is then issued as a priority and the patient has the option to pay the difference in price if they choose a different brand. The medicines are ordered automatically through in advance set parameters, and there are individual orders for patients. People work slightly more than in Croatia, but the salary and quality of work and life is therefore ten scales above the Croatian standard. There is a guaranteed 45-minute and two 15-minute breaks. Every minute of overtime is paid. Generally, the system itself has been elaborated till the tiniest detail and care is taken, so that every detail functions perfectly.

My son has adapted wonderfully to life in Sweden, as well as my husband, who also got a job in his profession. Throughout the two years that we have been living in Sweden, I can say that we have been very happy and content and we are very pleased that we had decided to take the first step and really move abroad. Now my sister, who has a master’s degree in pharmacy is also coming with her family”.  

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