What does the preparation for a job application look like?

24. February 2021.

Marijana, who is a specialist in gynaecology and a person eager to learn and progress in her work, one day decided that it was the right time to make a change. That change also brought a completely new environment, home, culture and hospital, but also an opportunity to further develop her medical knowledge. “As hard as it was for me to get into all this, every step forward became easier. From learning a new language, that was at the beginning completely unknown to me, to relocating to the beautiful town of Uppsala,” said Marijana.

”At the beginning of this journey, I didn’t even know where to start. In the whole recruitment process Zrinka and Ivan helped me a lot, they told me exactly what to focus on and how to prepare correctly and thus, get closer to my ideal position. We started the adventure by preparing my CV, motivation letter, and other required documentation. What meant the most to me was preparation for the Skype interview that was the next step. We went through potential questions that could happen from the hospital. Why do I say it helped me the most? With all the help around the preparation of documentation which leads to the interview, that moment where I got in direct contact with the hospital finally came, and it was why I started all of this. During the training and simulation of the interview, I felt safe and ready because nothing could surprise me and I knew what to expect approximately.”

Skype intervju Švedska Sweden interview

“After a successful interview, the following step was learning Swedish, a language that was completely unknown to me because it is not very common to hear it like English or German, on basically every corner. With all the work, effort, and desire, I fulfilled what I originally intended. And what else is there to say, except that together with my family a few months later, I breathed Scandinavian air, changed the environment, and continued living in beautiful Sweden. It is, in my opinion, definitely the best decision I’ve made so far, alongside my husband who has been my biggest support. ”

Nothing is difficult, nothing is impossible if you want something enough and if you have a will to achieve that. If you are scared, be grateful for fear, because that is exactly the small, invisible, I would dare to say a positive thing, which moves you and makes you scratch and go towards the goal.

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