Recruitment / Employment

of doctors, medical personnel, dentists and pharmacists


The procedure itself is initiated by the interested party’s expression of wish to be employed in any of the 10 states in which we operate (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, France, the United Kingdom and Ireland).

Afterwards, you deliver your CV to us in English (for Scandinavian countries and English-speaking areas), in German (for German-speaking areas) or in French (for French-speaking areas) and inform us of your preferences, wishes and expectations. In accordance to those, we search for an ideal job for you.

After we find a job that corresponds to your wishes and everything that you highlighted during our conversations, i.e. in your CV, we present you the selected job, as well as the city and the region in which the hospital is located.

After our presentation of the employment opportunity and you approved such an offer, we move on to organize the first conversation with the hospital via Skype. In this conversation, the hospital and its personnel present themselves to you while describing the organization of work there, potential colleagues, city and region and you present your expertise and your personality.

If both you and the hospital are still interested after this introductory conversation with the hospital via Skype, you and your family’s next step is the organisation of a visit to the hospital. We organize such a visit for you in the duration of 3-4 days. You spend the first day at your potential workplace and the second and the third day are reserved for sightseeing in the city, visit to the kindergarten, school and other institutions or contents that you might consider relevant.

Upon your return home, it will be significantly easier to make the right decision considering everything that you will have seen and heard and what had been offered to you. If the hospital and the city fulfil all your and your family’s private and professional wishes and expectations, and the hospital offers you a work contract that you accept, we begin with the language course and the preparation of all the important steps of moving.

If, on the other hand, you are unsure or you do not like the offer of the hospital, we advise you to simply reject the offer and instruct us to search for and present you some other job applications.

After accepting one of the offers that you liked the most and that fulfilled your expectations, we move on to organise a language course that lasts for 5-7 months. You learn the language via Skype from your home, or somewhere comfortable without having to move to another city. It is important to emphasize that Scandinavian hospitals organize the course, meaning that only a language course in Danish, Swedish or Norwegian language can be organized. The employers in the other seven states demand that the candidates already possess a B2 level knowledge of English, German or French when applying for an interview. This is the only and the greatest difference between the procedure organized in Scandinavian countries and the procedure in the other seven states.

In the period during which you and your family are learning one of the Scandinavian languages, we are

  • Organizing the entire transfer of your personal belongings
  • Searching for accommodation (house or apartment depending on your instructions)
  • Searching for employment opportunities for your spouse
  • Arranging kindergarten / school for children
  • Solving all the paperwork
  • Providing you with legal advice and control all contracts
  • Paying you a stipend during the language course
  • Providing you with all information
  • Here for you 24/7 for consultations related to all issues regarding the procedure and life in the new country.

We are involved as mentors in the entire procedure together with you.

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