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24. July 2019.


If you want to work as a medic in Germany, it is necessary to register with GMA (The German Medical Association), which is a competent authority for all doctors in Austria. The entire process requires a certain amount of time, and in order to help you pass through the same, we provide you with detailed instructions and a list of requirements for obtaining a medical license in Germany.

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To work as a doctor in Germany, you need a work permit called Approbation.

Based on your resume you will be invited to an interview.
List of Documents, which need to be submitted with the forms:
1. An updated CV
2. Photocopy of ID or passport
3. Photocopy of Certificate of birth
4. Photocopy of Certificate of Marriage, if names in ID and Certificate of Birth are different
5. Extract from Police Records, not older than 3 months (Original)
6. Medical Certificate, not older than 1 month; (existing form [in German] can be used, also must be original)
7. Language Certificate, at least B2
8. Diploma
9. Certificate of Conformity, if study started before the country entered the EU
10. Certificate of Good Standing, from all countries where employed. Cannot be older than 3 months. If asked for purpose: Approbation in Germany

Check the link above, where you have the application form and the address where you can submit them.

* Knowledge of German is a prerequisite for Approbation.
Physicians, dentists and pharmacists must have language skills at C1 level.
Professionals like Psychological psychotherapists and child / adolescent psychotherapists must have language skills at C2 level.

Furthermore, the competent authority will determine the fee. Therefore, inquire about the probable cost of the procedure before submitting the application. If you are registered as a job seeker in Germany or seeking social assistance, costs may be lower, but must meet certain conditions of government, such as the Federal Employment Service or the Employment Center. Please note that you must always request financial assistance in advance.

All copies submitted must be translated into German by an authorized court interpreter and certified by a notary public. We’ll go through the list together and discuss everything that is at some point unclear. Your application will not be processed until all the required documents have been submitted.


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