Impressions from Sweden – reviews from our doctors

08. July 2020.

In order to bring you closer to the whole process of leaving and help build expectations, we decided to share a few reviews of candidates who have continued their lives in the Scandinavian countries. The series of reviews begins with Jaroslava and Ivana, who we asked about their experience of going through the whole process as we are carrying over a part of the conversations to you.

Jaroslava Pukšec Ćavarušić – Eksjö – anaesthesiologist

How did you come to us and what prompted you to start working together?

I’ve been thinking about leaving to another country for a while. Some colleagues have already gone through other agencies and during the research, I came across your Facebook profile, and after we contacted for the first time everything started very quickly and it took only 3 months to get my first job offer.

Did you have an idea of ​​what your departure would look like and did you have certain fears about the same?

We had an idea of ​​what this might look like, but there was also a fear of the new, the question of how we would adjust to the new environment. Currently, the husband is still looking for a job, and as we arrived just before the pandemic, the situation for him is even more difficult.

What attracted you to the hospital and the place?

We were attracted by the fact that the city itself is a bit smaller, everything in the area is nice and quiet. The hospital is a bit bigger than imagined, but the organization is really great and they provide everything you need. A lot is being done and the work is quite narrowly divided, but everyone is full of understanding and ready to assist. Although I am still new, they are already sending me to educations, and whatever any of the anesthesiologists decide it will be like that, others do not interfere in your work.

What did the communication look like throughout the process, from your angle?

In communication everything was great and you were always available for questions and information. The hospital thrilled me, the people are not cold at all and are kind and patient, they regularly help me around with the language and ask how it is progressing. I am also satisfied with the Swedish language school, they did their best and prepared us very well for our arrival.

Would you like to add anything?

From today’s perspective, I would be very sorry if we hadn’t tried and if we hadn’t come to Sweden. The situation is not ideal yet, due to the pandemic, but you need to be patient and everything will come to its own.

Ivana Bašić – Värnamo – cardiologist

How did you come to us and what prompted you to start working together?

I was thinking and reading some experiences on the internet and that’s how I came to you. Scandinavia has always been a wish of mine, and in the end, I endeavoured to make contact.

How did everything felt to you once you came to Sweden?

The very beginning was definitely not normal because we came during the pandemic, but we have adapted. We haven’t created a real impression of the place yet, but we look forward to exploring once the whole situation calms down.

What is your situation in the hospital?

The department itself is quite specific and has a lot of new people, so we’re just getting used to it. People are simple and friendly, both in the hospital and in the surrounding area, and it is great that the hospital has colleagues from our region, so you can always talk to someone in Croatian.

What did communication with us look like to you?

I liked that you were always at your service. Communication is simple and close and it helped us that we were able to talk about the process and the next steps in Croatian.

Do you have something you would like to point out?

The language course was a bit strenuous, a lot of work and really intense, but the rest is welcoming and I would recommend people who are interested in relocating to contact you if they’d like to start with simple.


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