Experiences of our candidates from Scandinavia

15. July 2020.

Afrodita Mustafa-Guguli – Sønderborg (Denmark) – pathologist

I was interested in Scandinavia from earlier and I heard from a colleague who went there with your assistance, so I decided to ask her for advice and learn about her experience. Even since the beginning of the application process and starting the communication process with you, I can say that everything was as we agreed and as it was said. The foreign language school impressed me a lot and they prepared us well, although, I must admit, it was a bit hard and intense to regularly attend lectures, learn and write homework.

From the moment we arrived in Denmark we had the support and everything coped nicely. When we landed we were welcomed by the apartment we had previously found and rented, and since it was not fully furnished, the owner of the apartment graciously helped us as we went together to buy the much-needed furniture.

The hospital has prepared everything in such a way that it is not too stressful for me, they helped with adjusting to the new health care system, showed me how to use the different templates and have assigned mentors who are here to help. Everyone is very thoughtful and caring, they are open and accessible and you can ask for help from anyone.

The whole process was a nice experience and everything went smoothly, so we had help with the relocations, adjusting to a new surrounding and a new job position, helping with registration and getting our CPR number.

Igor Šegec – Växjö (Sweden) – otolaryngologist

My wife and I have known Zrinka from earlier, so it was not a problem for us to learn more about the opportunities in the rest of Europe. We became interested in Scandinavia and decided to apply for the opening which led to both of us soon got jobs at the same hospital. I can’t say that we had any fear of leaving, we knew that the beginning would be difficult and that it takes some time to get used to the new. Life in Sweden is simply different – everything is more organized, there is not so much stress and problems, everyone is equal and the whole family enjoys this environment.

The hospital helped us when we arrived and the communication throughout the process was up to par. The language was admittedly a little hard and difficult to learn, but the same is understandable when you consider that you are practically learning a new language over a few months. At the hospital, work is generally slower than in Croatia and more time is spent with patients, colleagues are kind and you can always ask them something, and the whole system is digitalized and connected. The process of finding apartments is a bit different than the one we are used to and it is harder to come and rent a space that you like, but it is not impossible and can be done when you make an effort.


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