Experiences of two doctors who moved abroad and found employment

29. July 2020.

New reviews are brought by two specialists who, with our partnership, moved in quite different situations and also chose two different countries as their next location. Pathologist Jasna decided to go to Scandinavia, which was an earlier wish and is currently there for more than 2 years, while Željka moved to Germany in early 2020 and continued her career in paediatrics there.

Željka Vlastelica – Germany – paediatrician

I have currently been in Germany for 5 months now, where I am working as a paediatric specialist. The beginning was difficult, especially because I had problems finding the right accommodation, but in the meantime, I found an apartment and everything feels much better now.

My first contact with the employer was organized by your partners in Germany, and the communication with your parties was smooth and correct at all times. With instructions and help in organizing the paperwork, I had no problems getting a medical license in Germany.

My arrival at the hospital coincided with the initial wave of Coronavirus, which made it even more difficult to adjust, and made the schedule at the hospital quite strange, especially since it used to happen that with a B2 level of language I was left on duty alone, which is not easy. However, over time you gain that extra confidence with the language and it has become much easier, enjoyable and more comfortable both at work and in everyday life here in Germany.

Jasna Bacalja – Växjö (Sweden) – pathologist

I have been working and living in Sweden for the last 2,5 years. I came here with your help and on the recommendation of a colleague who has already moved by the whole process with your company. Scandinavia has been fascinating and interesting to me since before, but admittedly, my first choice was neighbouring Denmark at the beginning of the application, but in the meantime, a position opened in Sweden and I eventually accepted the offer in this beautiful city.

The communication in the process was extremely open and smooth on all fronts, so the hospital approached properly at the start, which is what I immediately liked. Everything that was needed was well organized, which is also the general situation in Sweden – there is less stress, working conditions are better, there is less bureaucracy and the systems are better organized. Interpersonal relationships in the hospital are also nurtured so most of the colleagues are approachable and full of understanding, which means a lot in the workplace. Even since the first day, I am satisfied with life in Scandinavia, and if I were in a situation where I would look for a new job, I would turn to you again for cooperation.


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