Impressions of our candidates in Ireland and Denmark

12. August 2020.

The new group of reviews brings you the experiences of our candidates who have been in new countries for a lengthy time, so they have already gained certain experiences and habits in new cultures. If their experience encourages you to think more about leaving, reach to us via the contact details and we will be happy to provide you with any additional information you need 🙂


Donald Stojnić – Ireland – psychiatrist

Ireland has a somewhat specific health system that suits me. I have been here for some time, I recently got a new contract and I am satisfied with the professionalism and the way the profession is approached here.

I came into contact with you for the first time through the Careers in White fair in Zagreb, and I received my first offer shortly afterwards. In communication, everything went as it should. There were no delays, and in arranging employment, everything is procedural and following how such things are resolved. Securing accommodation is the only complaint that was a bit tiring for me considering that I was looking for accommodation on my own, but everything else was tip-top.

Getting used to the new culture is a somewhat longer process, which is unfortunately slowed down at the moment, but all this is expected when you move to a new country and a new job, and the support of colleagues helps a lot in this area.

Vladimira – Denmark – oncologist

The first idea to leave appeared when our acquaintances moved to Scandinavia. Then we started to think a little more actively about the balance of life and work and about the possibilities that other countries offer to doctors in relation to what we had in Croatia.

Now (in the summer of 2020) we have been in Denmark for 16 months and in the beginning, we had to look for a lot on our own in order to cope better and adapt. I have to say that some things definitely caught us off guard and didn’t really suit us, like the information that you can’t just open up sick leave if your child gets sick, but you have to find someone to take care of the child. Danish culture is also promoted in foreign kindergartens, so that children get acquainted with things that are not so common in our country, and are normal and common here.

In terms of work, the situation is much better and it is much easier to work than in Croatia – there is not so much influx of patients and the system is more organized. The people in the hospital, and Denmark in general, are polite and approachable and will help and advise you when you ask them and when you need something.

In the process, we had a lot of help with organizing and communicating what we needed. The language course depends a lot on yourself and on how hard a person tries to learn a new language, but in the meantime, I can say that we have perfected Danish.


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