Stefan (Växjö, Sweden)

13. March 2019.

Stefan is a medical technician, who used to work in KBC Osijek and now lives and works in Sweden.

“If anyone decides to live in Sweden and work as a medical technician, they should be aware of the fact that they will be able to work in any department that they wish, when they wish to and to decide on the percentage of working time that their contract will be signed on (I speak of indefinite contracts, of course). As in the majority of European countries, there is a shortage of nurses/medical technicians in Sweden. Considering how current the situation is, I had expected that this shortage would have greater implications for my job when I first started working. I had worked in this profession for three and a half years in Croatia, so I do know what this means and what the consequences are. However, in this regard, the norms and working conditions are pretty high here and there is no digression at any cost. Due to such a system, we are able to enjoy a top-quality team work, work in satisfactory conditions, work with the most contemporary professional technology and the option of further education in the form of specialized studies for nurses or vocational education is available for all and free of charge. The system is exactly as it should be, and it is distinguished through its superb implementation of medical care and the holistic approach. Another fact, that is useful for us, is that this system, as many others, is well acquainted with foreigners. In fact, there are foreigners from all parts of the world, so there is no stigmatization or discrimination. I needed a relatively short period of time to be able to say that I feel very content and foremost especially respected as an expert in my profession. Honestly, I had no low expectations, but I have to admit they were all more than met.

The job interview went better than expected, in a friendly atmosphere and without stage fright, and I got an even higher salary than requested. And there, today, after 8 months of working and living in Sweden, with no doubt in my mind, I can say that all the hard work, all the time spent in learning the language and this whole journey of investing in myself and my future has certainly and is still being paid off with every day. With regard to the salary, which is exceptionally good, one also has the opportunity to choose independently whether you will work over-time. Apart from these hours being exceptionally well paid, these hours are also counted in the bank of working hours and you can trade them for days off later”.   

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