Swedish language course in a new attire

02. April 2021.

The idea to improve the Swedish language course within Zrinka’s Swedish school arose over the last three years, and through hard work, it has finally seen the light in January 2021.
Whether you want to learn Swedish for work, possible relocation or you are just interested, this Swedish language course is an ideal place for anyone starting from scratch, but also for those who want to expand their knowledge over time and reach the desired level.

tečaj švedskog jezika učenje švedskog jezika zrinkina škola švedskog jezika

“It’s certainly another in a series of common online courses,” most would say. I am glad that we can convince you right at the beginning, and explain Zrinka’s language school and its approach in more detail. Also, as we all like to hear information and experiences of people who have already gone through the same, with existing reviews that you can read here and here we will soon share the experiences and another small number of Swedish course participants to read what they have to say about the Swedish language course. Another good and certainly not negligible thing, if you are not sure about your decision, and you want to see what it all looks like, you can get acquainted with the course itself through the first free lesson.

The Swedish language course is designed as a combination of lectures on a platform where for 90 days for each level you can use and return video, audio and textual content, and then additional live lessons with Zrinka in groups of up to four people, where each is approached individually and where live lessons are used to practice communication skills, explaining all potential ambiguities and tasks. If you opt for this Swedish language course you also have unlimited access to a private Facebook group where you will improve your Swedish through communication with other group members, ask general questions and check assignments.

 tečaj švedskog jezika učenje švedskog jezika zrinkina škola švedskog jezika

The current levels offered on the platform are A1, A2 / 1, A2 / 2, B1 / 1, and B1 / 2, while B2 / 1, B2 / 2, and C levels are still maintained live, but as we have managed to design and with the realization of the existing ones, with further work you can soon expect other levels in Zrinka’s school of Swedish. By taking each degree you get bilingual diplomas, where you can proudly stand behind the learned knowledge of the language, the general knowledge of Sweden itself, and the enriched vocabulary.

It would be bad luck if they listed the famous “I start next Monday.” ‘’, But for a Swedish language course you don’t have to wait for a certain number of interested people to gather, but you can start whenever it suits you, and that’s just maybe today.

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