How Spanish doctors stand out in the European market?

According to the WHO, the Spanish health care system is ranked seventh-best in the world. With the advanced technical part of the healthcare system, the most important piece that represents the quality is medical doctors and their class service that is widely recognized across Europe. To bring you a bit closer to why do Spanish doctors compete well in the European market, we bring you few key pieces of their advantage compared to what an average doctor brings.

1. Quality medical schools and medical education

Good medical school provides good basics for young doctors starting their medical career, especially for those motivated to learn. Spanish medical schools provide a competitive environment in which every student is prompted to engage within the subject that allows them to get into more details of it while they are still at the beginning of their careers. This means that future Spanish doctors are able to cultivate their interest in medicine from early education days.

2. Natural effective daily approach

Providing effective medical service is one of the forms Spain’s healthcare system is known for. With that in mind, to provide efficient service, you need not only a technically and administratively good system but also doctors that acknowledge the importance of the situation through all levels. Most of the entry medical work in Spain goes through primary care, as general practitioners guide patients to the next steps if they consider it necessary. Everyone in Spain is familiarized with this process, which also helps physicians to understand that most incoming patients are coming for the right reason, which is a practice that benefits them in other countries too.

Spanish doctors in Europe
3. Friendliness and the ability to build good connections

As one of the friendliest and easygoing nations in Europe, Spaniards have it easy to connect with patients and other colleagues, no matter the country they work in. This is especially important when relocating to another country since it makes the first few months much easier, and we all know that first impressions are important when meeting new people.

4. They cultivate an open-mindedness

Being open-minded is important in facing different cultures, which is what Spanish doctors and people, in general, are familiar with. Regularly facing a large number of migrants makes them more accustomed to advising members of another nation, which makes relocating to a new environment easier for both sides. No matter the culture they are coming into, Spanish doctors are accepting and non-invasive toward others, which is significant quality in the modern world.

Having all of these qualities makes Spanish doctors ranked high on the scale, which makes them more appealing to hospitals as potential future employers. If you consider yourself an open and motivated person, whether Spanish or not, and if you are interested in gaining more information on employment in the medical field in the rest of Europe, we encourage you to read more about the process for each of the country we provide placement in as well as we are looking forward to answering your inquiries through our emails and social networks.

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