The easiest way of moving to the land of kangaroos

13. September 2019.

Are you thinking of getting a job and gaining new work experience in the land of kangaroos and koala bears?

We support you in this idea and we are here to help!

For starters, we want to introduce you to this beautiful land full of opportunities and sights.
Australia is in high demand for healthcare professionals. The doctor-patient ratio is not ideal, the number of doctors is in deficit. That’s why doctors in Australia have good salaries, moreover, the highest-paying job is a job in the medical field.

Let’s get to the point, do you know what are the requirements to get a job in Australia?
The first requirement is your knowledge of English. It is important to demonstrate a competent level of language knowledge, so you must pass one of the two tests, IELTS or OET. After you pass this barrier, you will need to confirm your title as a medical doctor. There are two ways to do this, on your own or with our help.
The competent authority for the evaluation and validation of medical studies is the AMC (Australian Medical Council). Their purpose is to ensure that the standards of education, training, and evaluation of the medical professions are appropriate to protect the health of the Australian community. First, you will need to submit the necessary documentation to evaluate your case.

The necessary documentation is:
• Your original title of human medicine.
• Translation of your sworn title.
• English title IELTS or OET.

Once the documentation is submitted, AMC will evaluate your case. There are two options; that you are not equivalent or that you are partially equivalent. If your case is another, you will be a little closer to being able to register as a doctor in Australia.
So, the next step will be to perform a theoretical and practical exam. The theoretical test can be done inside or outside of Australia and costs AUD 2,350. The Practical Exam can only be done in Australia and costs AUD 3,120.

In Australia, you are almost registered as a doctor. There are now two ways to register and this way you can work as a doctor in Australia.
If you are a specialist surgeon, you will most likely have to complete your training in addition to doing 12 months of supervised practices and then be able to work on your own. And the other option, if you are a general practitioner, you can first access a “limited” membership and work as a doctor in Australia in the area called “area of need”. Usually, these are areas where physicians are especially in demand, areas where there are few doctors, such as rural areas.

Australia is a very attractive destination and offers a high standard of living thanks to the combination of a stable economy and thee way of life. Unemployment is very low, but competition for positions is high. For this reason, it is not easy to get Australian work visas. There are more subclasses of work visas, which we will tell you more about below.

There are several types of work visas, which are:
• Short-Term,
• Medium-Term,
• Labor Agreement.

Keep in mind that with a standard working holiday visa, you are only allowed to work for a maximum of six months at a time with one employer. Before you start working you should set up a bank account and apply for a tax file number– doing this before you arrive can save you a lot of hassle later, making it easier to start working immediately.

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