The experience of Dr. Vladimir, a gastroenterologist in Denmark

21. December 2022.

Health professionals from Europe have recently found Denmark more and more attractive, including our Vladimir, a gastroenterologist, who has been living and working there for some time. His experience so far, and we can safely say satisfaction, is transmitted in its entirety.

Review of Dr. Vladimir, gastroenterologist about Denmark

The biggest motivation for going to a foreign country, more precisely Denmark, was the appreciation of absolutely everyone’s work and the orderliness of the health care system. “Everyone here is dedicated exclusively to work and that’s the only thing that matters, ignoring who leads what kind of life on the side.” Doctors are highly respected and, of course, very well paid, which, in addition to all of the above, was certainly a big plus and motivation for me to move.”

For Vladimir, as a gastroenterologist who worked in Croatia for many years, Denmark opened his eyes to a more normal and incomparably better way and working conditions in the hospital. “I love Croatia, but the conditions here are immeasurably better, I dare say impressive. The number of patients is significantly lower, and the organization and primary health care are much better. I don’t have any administrative tasks, which is what I spent half my time doing in Croatia. The work of a gastroenterologist is greatly facilitated, and access to colonoscopy and gastroscopy is much better and more organized, unlike in our country. There is no waiting line and everything goes like a “tape”, and due to the impossibility of performing tests in a state hospital, you are automatically connected to a private one.”

He also mentions an extremely relaxed and pleasant working atmosphere, both at meetings and at the workplace itself. “The working day begins with a morning meeting that lasts until 9 o’clock, where absolutely everything is agreed, from work shifts to who, what and where works. It is quite normal to have breakfast during the meeting, and if you can’t make it to the meeting, listen to it, but also participate in it, online. The working hours are exactly set, 7 hours, and if there is time left after completing their own duties earlier, the doctors can jump in and help each other on an optional and unburdened basis.

He describes the Danes as his fellow citizens as very decent and somewhat restrained people, which is generally known for Scandinavians. “As my colleagues, I really value them. The identical approach of the doctor and nurse who are always there to help and demonstrate, when something gets stuck, is something that really stands out. Cooperation is steady with the correct “dose” of humor. As for life itself, I would describe it as very comfortable and safe. One of the things that really caught my eye was their openness in that so-called “closedness”, and it refers to the windows in the houses. Interesting  information is that there are no curtains on the windows, and if someone has them, it is known that it is a foreigner. Also, with them, everything is done online, which automatically excludes waiting lines, so to speak, nothing is done physically, which we can expect in about 30 years.”

“No matter how long it took to make the final decision to move to Denmark with my family, the process of moving went so smoothly. INCOR, which I came across through an offer from LinkedIn and with a friend’s recommendations, my interest in moving was even more awakened in me. I am very grateful to Zrinka and Incor for their help in the entire process of hiring and moving, right up to the actual realization,” – says Vladimir, adding that this method definitely made everything easier for him. With help and knowledge about something unknown to him, Vladimir says that it was much simpler, more pleasant and safer for him, and he would recommend this approach to anyone in his position.

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