Treat yourself to a Swedish course and learn a new language

24. March 2023.

At Zrinka’s Swedish school, many students learn Swedish according to the hybrid model. This advanced model, which enables you to master the Swedish language from A1 to C1, combines video materials, homework and speaking exercises via an online platform from the comfort of your home. The biggest advantages of the Swedish language course at Zrinka’s school are the individual approach to counseling for obtaining a license and finding a job, exercises that prepare candidates for an interview, writing a CV and a motivation letter, and support and advice on how to initially manage in Sweden. An additional advantage for participants is connecting with our alumni and creating a network of new acquaintances based on shared experience.

The advantages of knowing a foreign language are numerous, and the course prepares our participants who are preparing to move for real situations they will encounter in a new country. In addition to practical knowledge lessons, in the Swedish language course it is important to connect with other participants through groups in which practical pronunciations are practiced, mutual support and motivation to continue is provided, and friendships are created. You can easily access all lectures and exercises from your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone, no matter where you are. And in addition to all that, we also hang out at live classes where we additionally determine the lessons learned.

Why Sweden?

Sweden is an above-average economically developed country with a strong health and social system. This export-oriented country has factories in the automotive, engineering, telecommunications, steel and iron industries, in the production of furniture and home equipment, and many others. Among the most famous companies that employ more than half of the Swedish population are Volvo, Ericsson, Skanska, Electrolux, IKEA, Hennes & Mauritz (known as H&M), Spotify and others. And in these same leaders of the Swedish market, the Swedish culture is reflected, which is reliable, functional and aesthetic, and simple and created for the user. The Swedish language course provides you with the opportunity for a tourist visit and enjoyment of Swedish culture, moving for work or working for Swedish employers from your current home, the so-called remote. And besides, learning a foreign language keeps the brain young and active.

“If you decide to move to Sweden, INCOR is house no. 1 that can help you with that. My experience with INCOR has been fantastic.”

Treat yourself to an A-level Swedish language course at Zrinka’s school this spring and add a new skill to your CV, boost your career or just show off your new knowledge during a tourist visit. You can also give the course to someone in the form of a voucher, which makes it an ideal gift for Swedish enthusiasts. Enroll in a course with your favorite person and master a new language together.

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