What can pharmacists expect from life in Germany and Austria?

15. February 2021.

If you have a degree in pharmacy, the only thing that is expected of you is knowledge of the German language at the B2 level. We will direct you to further obtain a license to work and the possibility of employment, even in Austria.

Knowing Germany and its good economic development, the average salary of a pharmacist is between € 3,500 to € 4,500, which also applies to Austria. Of course, depending on the improvement of language skills, abilities, and experience, the salary level itself is affected. By staying in a foreign country, we will in some way be “forced” to use a foreign language and communicate, which results in improved communication and speaking skills.

Whether you choose Germany or Austria, the most sought after and paid places for pharmacists are pharmacies and some other pharmaceutical companies. When hiring, some of the more popular cities are Hamburg, Stuttgart, Essen, Cologne, Munich, Hanover, Bremen, and of course among them Berlin, as the capital of Germany. The option of smaller cities should not be excluded, except that they have similar characteristics as larger ones, they are also ideal for young families who appreciate peace and quiet. Whatever your choice of the city, you can not go wrong, because all of them have common features, where in the first place, quality at the business level, and in the second, diverse and interesting content, both for the young and the older population.

Farmaceuti Njemačka Austrija

Working hours are approximately 40 working hours, during which it is rare to have overtime, but if the same happens it will be paid, as will the days when you are on holiday.

No relocation is the simplest or easiest, but sometimes we need to take that step forward and get out of our “comfort zone” because we never know what lies behind it. Working abroad, in addition to changing the environment and lifestyle, can bring us many positive sides, in various fields. In addition to becoming more confident in ourselves, richer in knowledge and skills that, knowing well, no one can “steal”, provides us with the probability of finding the desired job in our own country one day.

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