Zrinka’s Swedish school students’ experiences

21. July 2021.

To get an impression and more easily create expectations about what the Swedish language training at Zrinka’s Swedish school will prepare you for, we are sharing the experiences of our students who have mastered the course and for whom communication in Scandinavia is no longer a problem. The course is designed to combine the best elements of online learning, but also includes live lessons where you will practice pronunciation and go through all inevitable questions about the Swedish language and culture.

If these experiences make you think about moving, or you are just eager to learn another language, contact us and we will be happy to discuss all the options to find the one that suits you best. The language school is currently available for Croatian/Serbian/Bosnian/Slovenian speakers who can read more about Zrinka’s Swedish school on the official website.

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Ksenija Musa, 44, surgeon
“I wanted to learn another foreign language, so in 2014 I opted for Swedish. With Zrinka’s wholehearted but unobtrusive help, I reached the level of B2 language in a very short time. Late last year, I re-enrolled in school to continue learning the language. I look forward to each new lesson because Zrinka’s calmness and patience with a relatively informal professorial approach give me confidence in conversation and motivate me to continue learning Swedish. Given that I have quite a lot of life experience with the years of various schools and many professors I met during that time, I can say that Zrinka is one of the best teachers I have had and with whom writing and taking exams is not big stress. I am currently learning the C1 level of Swedish. ”

Gordan Juretić, 45, hotel economist
“My wife, who is a doctor, studied Swedish with Zrinka, so that’s how I started. I have to say the start wasn’t easy because it was hard to get started again and start learning, after not touching the book for almost 20 years. Here I must single out Zrinka’s indescribable ease of motivation and the infectious positive energy she conveys. The lectures are not dry and everything is connected with everyday situations and life, so I must mention that everything can be agreed with Zrinka. My family and I moved to Sweden last year, my wife works, my son goes to school, and I’m still learning the language and I’m looking for a job, where I’m currently at B2 level. “

Denis Čefko, 34, civil engineer
“I heard about Zrinka’s language school through a friend who was preparing to go to Sweden. Before I started studying intensively for a month at school, I played Duolingo with Zrinka. After that, I moved to Stockholm where I found a job and went to SFI (Swedish for immigrants) school, and once a week I had a Swedish language class with Zrinka via Skype. ”

Stipe Ćenan, 49, veterinarian
“I found out about Zrinka’s school by recommendation, and I recently started learning. My wife also attended, so I am very happy with the school. I feel good and comfortable in class and I only have praise for the teacher. “

Marija Klarić, 25, laboratory technician
“I came to Zrinka through my fiancé, who studied with her and also planned to go to Sweden. So we moved together to Stockholm earlier this year, where I found a job outside my profession shortly after arriving, and a month later, I got the opportunity to work in a private laboratory in downtown Stockholm. My language learning takes 4 and a half months and I am currently at A2 level. I am very satisfied with Zrinka’s platform, because I can watch each video several times, and in live classes, Zrinka explains all my ambiguities to me. Also, we speak Swedish which helps me a lot in communicating with other people and I see how much I progress through each hour live. I have only words of praise for Zrinka, because she helped us so much and directed us on what we need to do in the beginning, and encouraged us to take such a big step. “

Patricia Balić, 41, medical-laboratory technician
“My goal was to go with my family to work outside Croatia, and through inquiries, I heard about Zrinka. I attended the course in 2018. via Skype with two, three other people who had the same goal as me, and thus I met new people. I liked Zrinka’s approach and her openness the most. I reached the B1 level and successfully passed it. “

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