New student reviews of Zrinka’s Swedish school

29. July 2021.

Last week we started a mini-series of reviews of students of Zrinka’s Swedish school, the first post of which you can read here.

Instead of hearing from us about the benefits and goals of why Zrinka’s Swedish School is organized with a combination of live lectures and always available online content, we talked to our students and wrote down their experiences and impressions to share with you this way.

Details on Zrinka’s Swedish school can be found on the official page, and in case you are thinking about learning a language that will open the doors of Scandinavia, contact us for an informative conversation through listed channels.

zrinkina škola švedskog jezika ZŠŠ

Dina Hrnjica, 28 years, doctor of medicine
“After I didn’t get the desired specialization in Croatia, I started looking at some other options. While researching, I liked the healthcare system in Scandinavia and knowing that I needed knowledge of Swedish to be able to obtain a license, on the internet, I found Zrinka’s Swedish language school on the Incor website. What I like most is that I can learn at a time that suits me and I can return materials that were not clear to me at first or if I want to repeat something. I started learning at the end of January this year and I am currently at A2 / 2 level, and I plan to study until C1.”

Ambroz Bambo Šutić, 47, doctor of family medicine
“I started the course in 2018. and completed it with C2 level. I got to school through advertisements and I am very pleased with the pace of learning and how everything has progressed. In addition to helping with language learning, Zrinka was there through the whole process and through writing all the necessary documentation to finally finish and find the ideal job in Sweden, where I am today.”

Draženko Šebez, 40, ceramist
“When I went to Sweden for work, together with my family, I decided to learn Swedish, and honestly, out of whim. As Zrinka was approachable, I started studying with her. I was very satisfied with the way I work online because I can study with a job and when it suits me, so after passing the A1 level, today I came to the learned B1 level.”

Stefan Pavlović, 29, medical technician
“I heard about Zrinka through relatives and so together with my brother, I started learning Swedish. The language is very interesting, in theory, everything is clear, and in practice, it helped me a lot to move to Scandinavia where I established my knowledge of the language and at the same time went to work. As I first went to Sweden and then to Norway, where I still live today, I can say that there is very little difference in language and it adapts easily. I think that with everything learned from Zrinka, the SFI school (Swedish for immigrants, which is taught in Sweden) is unnecessary and expensive.”

Teodora Prolić, 30, administrator
“Through my husband, who studied Swedish with Zrinka, and was also one of her first students, I came to her. I am very satisfied with the school, I am currently at the A2 level and I am looking forward to continuing my studies in Stockholm, where I moved 3 years ago.”

Sonja Škrinjarić, 42, nurse
“I wanted to get a job and move with my family to Sweden, to advance in my profession. We researched Swedish language schools on the Internet and found Zrinka, the only Swedish teacher in Slavonia. In addition to Zrinka and I reaching level B1, she introduced us to Swedish culture, customs, and at the same time, we received very good advice that helped us in further learning. My family and I have been living happily for the last three years in Sweden where I got a job at a hospital and I have great opportunities in my career. I warmly recommend Zrinka and her school because I think it is a good start for anyone who has the desire to move and learn a new language.”

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