Zrinka’s Swedish school A1 and A2/1 course experiences

22. March 2022.

At this link, you can read previous reviews of Swedish language course participants at Zrinka’s Swedish school.

As Swedish is one of the foreign languages that we do not encounter often, at Zrinka’s Swedish school we try to bring the Swedish language and Swedish culture closer through a combination of lectures and assignments available on our platform, but also a combination of live lectures. This hybrid system allows you to study content in your spare time while retaining all the benefits of live lectures and mutual dialogue. Read what impression Zrinka’s Swedish school left on Maja and Igor:

Zrinkina škola švedskog tečaj švedskog jezika

Maja Josipović – A2/1

1. Does a hybrid lecture system suit you?
I like the hybrid lecture system, It gives the possibility of better organization of time concerning work and other obligations.

2. What are the advantages and disadvantages that you have noticed?
The advantages are the previously mentioned possibility of choosing your own time for processing lectures. Ability to roll back video with time lag for some ambiguities, difficult chapters and similar situations. The downside is that if the level of motivation sometimes drops, no strictly set term would, say, exist in the case of live lectures, in the classroom.

3. Are you satisfied with the scope and quality of the content?
The lectures are well-conceived, interesting and do not burden you with too much new information at once. I like the short knowledge exams at the end of some chapters.

4. Is there anything you think you should improve?
I think Zrinka is doing a great job in terms of lectures and online classes. She is motivated and knows how to motivate others, is flexible, well-connected with Swedish culture and curiosities. I would recommend the course not only to those who want to move to Sweden but to anyone who wants to learn a new language. You will not regret it.

Igor Babić – A1

The hybrid concept is great, it’s great that you can watch the videos at any time and create your rhythm. The course has enough content, I watched and repeated the videos three or four times to get a better understanding of it. Sometimes I want to learn more, but I don’t have the concentration so it’s easy to get organized and watch videos at other times as lectures are always available.

Zrinka is an excellent lecturer who is always available and thoroughly explains everything necessary for mastering the Swedish language. Even though we had a lot of homework at times, we all wanted to learn the language, and I can say that I enjoyed learning Swedish, which I intend to continue.


Information about Zrinka’s Swedish school is available here for everyone that speaks the Croatian/Bosnian/Serbian language.

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