Reviews of the A1 course at Zrinka’s Swedish school

27. March 2022.

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If you are already familiar with Zrinka’s Swedish school (if you haven’t, now is your chance) and still not sure what the beginning of the A1 level of Swedish would look like, Andrea’s and Dorja’s reviews will help you establish what can you expect if you decide to apply.

Zrinkina škola švedskog tečaj švedskog jezika

Andrea Kablar – A1

This studying system suits me much better than the standard course concept. I recently took a German course so I can say that Swedish is a lot easier than German. There is no change of verbs through the faces, it is much easier to learn, the words are similar to German and English and can be recognized from the context. At Zrinka’s Swedish school, I like that the lectures are easy to follow and that they are well organized thematically. When Zrinka says a break, you take a break and do the task, there is not much thinking and combining. I also like how Zrinka explains, and videos are always easy to bring back and repeat when you don’t understand something. I have a feeling that already with the A1 level of Swedish I can communicate with people, which is something that, say, with the A1 level of German cannot be said.

Dorja Sabljak – A1

I have no complaints or criticism, I like the approach to studying the language at Zrinka’s Swedish school. It is motivating enough even though it is self-paced, and if someone wants it they can always learn faster than the planned schedule. Zrinka reports regularly and did an additional step with slightly adapting the course to health professionals (nurses and doctors). Lectures and assignments are easy to understand and apply.

The application and further details about Zrinka’s Swedish school are available for Croatian/Serbian/Bosnian speakers at this link.

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